Wood for Good & Austral: A Partnership in Habitat Preservation


At pgg, our commitment to caring for people and the planet extends beyond our projects and into the very ecosystems we touch. In a recent collaboration between two of our companies (Wood for Good and Austral), we embarked on a mission that not only aligned with our company values but also made a significant impact on the local environment.

Image 1: Installed Tree Hollow

Preserving Native Habitat:

The project initially involved the removal of trees for a housing development, a process that presented both a challenge and an opportunity. Understanding the vital role that tree hollows play in supporting Australia’s diverse wildlife, Wood for Good and Austral took a proactive stance. Rather than viewing the removal of trees as an unavoidable consequence, we saw it as a chance to contribute positively to the local habitat.

Image 2: Austral team members installing a hollow

Collaborative Recycling Effort:

Wood for Good and Austral worked hand in hand to repurpose the wood from the site and transform tree hollows into habitat elements for the local fauna. The collaboration began with a comprehensive approach to identify and remove existing hollows from the trees earmarked for removal. These hollows were then carefully processed, padded with sawdust and leaves, capped with tin plating and re-installed into nearby established trees.

Image 3: An installed tree hollow, ready for use

Meticulous Process:

The project showcased a meticulous process aimed at ensuring the seamless transition of the hollows into their new environment. Austral’s team conducted detailed inspections, careful tree removals, and preservation of the natural shape of the hollows. The Wood for Good team took charge of prepping the harvested hollows, creating a welcoming environment with added padding, tin plating (to make them enclosed at one end), and securing their reinstallation using chains and screws.

Image 4: Selecting appropriate hollows for repurposing

Caring for Local Wildlife:

Tree hollows, formed naturally over several decades, serve as crucial habitats for various Australian wildlife. Recognising their significance, Wood for Good and Austral took deliberate steps to preserve and reintroduce these hollows, minimising the impact of tree removals on the local wildlife. By mimicking the natural alignment of the hollows in established trees, we aimed to provide a seamless and comfortable experience for the inhabitants.

Image 5: A natural hollow in use


The Wood for Good and Austral collaboration exemplifies pgg’s dedication to environmental responsibility. By actively participating in the repurposing of native tree hollows, we not only contributed to the preservation of local habitat but also set a standard for sustainable practices within our industry. This project reflects our ongoing commitment to caring for people and the planet, ensuring that our actions leave a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve.