End-to-End Tree Management? What Does it Mean?

The answer is simple, end-to-end tree management means addressing a tree’s needs throughout the various stages of its life. From the delicate beginnings of a sapling to the majestic stature of a mature tree, at every phase of its life cycle, a tree has unique needs and requires specialised attention. As an end-to-end tree management service, pgg understands these varying needs across different stages of tree growth and customises our approach accordingly.

With over three decades of experience in tree management, our founders Craig and Deb Hosking have forged a dynamic collective of companies known as pgg. Our pgg companies include: EDEN4, Project Green, AUSTRAL and Wood For Good. While each pgg company specialises in distinct aspects of tree management, together they constitute an unmatched end-to-end solution.

Importantly, pgg is guided by a simple mission “caring for people and planet through responsible tree management”. This mission guides all pgg companies to balance our clients tree and asset management needs with their responsibility to both the environment and community. Our pgg companies are independently accredited by Intertek SAI Global (ISO 9001, ISO14001 & ISO 45001) to ensure that our business practices meet globally recognised procedures for quality, health & safety and environmental management.

Meet the pgg family:

Below we take you through each of our pgg companies and briefly explain their role in our end-to-end tree management solution.

EDEN 4: Comprehensive software platform for tree mapping, data capture and management

Project Green: Expert tree consultants that assess your tree situation and provide the best solutions

AUSTRAL: Qualified tree professionals and Arborists that carry out required physical tree works (maintenance, removal etc)

Wood For Good: Recycles the quality wood from AUSTRAL’s tree works and sells as firewood, all profits go to charity

For a more detailed breakdown of each pgg company and how they contribute to our end-to end solution,  please read on below.

1. EDEN4: Stay On Top Of Every Tree:

We are big believers in the saying “what gets measured, gets managed” – which is why we developed the revolutionary EDEN4  software platform, which helps us stay on top of every tree. EDEN4 utilises cutting-edge data capture, AI algorithms, and GIS technology to provide users with detailed data capture, mapping, and real-time tracking of trees and assets.

Different trees have different needs and by leveraging the power of data analytics, the EDEN4 software helps to identify areas of high risk or low resilience, and guide decision-making around maintenance, planting, and other interventions.

EDEN4 offers a user-friendly and highly customisable interface built for seamless collaboration and scalability, making it perfect for various applications such as tree and asset management, risk identification/mitigation, bushfire compliance, nature education, workflow management, and more.

The EDEN4 software platform unlocks the power of data driven decision-making by providing detailed, accurate and insightful mapping and analytics. Our platform empowers users to make faster and more effective decisions and manage tree needs both now and well into the future.

2. Project Green: Expertise In Trees

From a tiny sapling to a century old gum, the needs of any given tree evolve with its age and health. Whether it’s safety concerns, risk auditing and management, tree health assessments, reporting, or pest and disease management, Project Green meticulously evaluate tree’s based on their own unique circumstances.

Project Green are pioneers in Australian arboricultural consultancy. Since 1998 they have blended responsible business practices, revolutionary technology, and professional expertise to provide a comprehensive list of tree consulting services.

Project Green proudly uses the EDEN4 software platform to keep track of every tree under their care by capturing essential data such as species, size, health, issues, risks, and required works.

Our thorough assessments and reporting capabilities provide clients with detailed insights into potential risks and actionable recommendations. We translate highly technical information into easily understandable actions and advice, empowering our clients to make informed decisions.

Our teams are highly experienced and trained, and their focus is on providing technical/regulatory compliance, responsible environmental practices, an innovative use of technology, and the implementation of ISO accredited standards.

Tree legislation can be complex, our Project Green team navigates (at times) confusing regulations and standards with ease, ensuring that the clients and the trees needs are met with full compliance with local councils.

3. Austral Tree Services: Total Tree Management

After consulting an arborist (via Project Green) and collecting and mapping the relevant tree data (via EDEN4) there comes a time where every tree requires maintenance and pruning to keep it safe and healthy. This is where our pgg company Austral comes in.

With AUSTRAL, your trees are in safe hands. For over 30 years, AUSTRAL has been the trusted solution to all tree-related works or large-scale projects as well as residential tree works. Our ISO-accredited team brings unmatched expertise to every project, ensuring your peace of mind. AUSTRAL provides tree maintenance and removal services to a range of clients and understands every project is unique, requiring a partnership approach to ensure outcome-driven results. We understand the competing needs of our clients and offer cost effective and timely solutions to help maintain trees for future generations.

4. Wood For Good: Spread The Warmth

If a tree needs to be cut down or removed we make sure the wood is utilised for a greater good. Wood For Good isn’t just about firewood—it’s about making a positive impact on the environment and society.

Wood For Good repurpose high quality wood they receive from AUSTRAL’s tree maintenance works it is then used to make firewood and produce nature play equipment. This reduces the need for further tree felling and supports minority groups through employment opportunities and charitable donations. Since inception, we have donated 100% of Wood for profits to charity, we plan to keep this up. We’re proud to be accredited as a B Corp, which means we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.With every purchase at Wood For Good, you’re not just getting quality firewood; you’re spreading warmth by supporting the local community.

If you have a tree problem, please get in touch with us at pgg –  with an unmatched end-to-end tree service offering, we provide tree solutions for life.