How Project Green Group’s commitment to innovation led them to COP27 in Egypt

Last year’s global climate change conference was an opportunity for world leaders in sustainability and climate conscious innovation to come together, and pgg were honored with an invitation to attend and present.

Craig and Deb Hosking, co-founders of pgg, green asset solutions experts based in Adelaide, presented their climate-positive tech innovation to a diverse audience made up of more than 40,000 potential investors, collaborators and industry peers.

For pgg, the COP27 conference presented them with “the opportunity to meet like-minded people looking to impact climate change,” Craig Hosking commented at the time.
Project Green Group were invited to attend COP27 as part of the South Australian Government’s participation in the CivTech Alliance’s Global Scale-Up Program.

The CivTech Alliance is an international network of government representatives, coordinated by the Government of Scotland. Its Global Scale-Up program is designed to support climate startups to increase their visibility, access global markets, and to accelerate growth.

pgg, while a corporation made up of several established Adelaide companies (including Austral Trees and BCorp social enterprise Wood for Good), are presented a brand new enviro-tech innovation – powered by their industry-leading Eden4 software – focused on the education sector.

The new innovation, Trees for Good Nature Education, breaks new ground in using technology to drive environmental awareness in the education sector.

COP27 gave pgg the chance “to understand the market for our product globally,” said Deb Hosking. With a strong legacy of putting sustainability at the heart of everything they do, Trees for Good is destined to be a hugely impactful positive step for both pgg, and the environment.