PROJECT SUMMARY: Seacliff Rail Station


The City of Holdfast Bay had acquired a parcel of land surrounding Seacliff Rail Station from the Railways. The condition of the site and its vegetation had deteriorated, leading to concerns among residents regarding safety and crime. In response, the council sought the expertise of PGG (via Austral & Project Green) to propose a comprehensive improvement plan for the site. The primary objectives of the project were to enhance public safety, accessibility, aesthetics, and environmental value.


The initial phase of the project involved the removal of the overgrown vegetation, a task efficiently carried out by the Austral team. During this process, the team successfully salvaged the mulch generated from the tree removal and preserved several dead trunks. The mulch was utilised to enhance the newly designed garden beds, while the trunks were repurposed to create wildlife hollows and rest benches along the newly developed pathway.

Following the removal of the necessary trees by the Austral team, two dedicated team members, Jarrod and Ben, undertook the landscaping work. The key elements of this phase included the creation of a thoughtfully designed pathway connecting the station to the street and the construction of a retention dam in collaboration with Kent Civil. The purpose of the dam was to effectively manage the drainage from the streets above the railway station and ensure that the site remained unaffected by heavy rain events. By skillfully aligning the newly developed dam with rocks, the flow of water was regulated through swales in the creek setting.

To complement the project’s environmental goals, the site was carefully adorned with a variety of new native plants provided by the council. This step aimed to enhance the aesthetics of the area while also promoting biodiversity.


The comprehensive works were completed within a span of four weeks. Following the completion of the project, the Austral team diligently managed the site for a total of 12 months including 6-8 months of watering over the warmer months to ensure the newly planted vegetation’s health and survival. Subsequently, the site was handed over to the council for ongoing maintenance and care. 

Throughout our time working on the Seacliff Rail Station project, we consistently received positive feedback from the local community. This enthusiastic response serves as a testament to the successful execution of the project and its impact on the surrounding area.


The Seacliff Rail Station landscape design and redevelopment project undertaken by PGG in collaboration with the City of Holdfast Bay showcased a remarkable transformation of the site. By prioritizing public safety, accessibility, aesthetics, and environmental value, the project not only addressed the concerns of the local community but also created a welcoming and sustainable space for residents to enjoy. The effective coordination between the Austral team and Kent Civil resulted in a job well done, with the positive feedback received from locals reflecting the project’s success.